Inverloch Lawn Cemetery

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Names commencing with N

This page was last updated 7th November, 2023

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Full Name

Date of Birth Date of Death Date of Burial Interment Area Grave No. 
NADLER, HORST GUSTAV 11.07.1928 30.04.2012 07.05.2012 Oak Lawn Grave M9
NAPPER, GEORGE RAYMOND 09.10.1925 27.05.2014 25.10.2014 Memorial Garden 2 Sect. F  Row A6
NASH, CHARLES ALBERT   10.04.2000   Rose Lawn Grave E27
NASH, MARGERY 28.06.1920 07.12.1997 10.12.1997 Rose Lawn Grave E27
NAYLOR, ELIZABETH 06.07.1904 28.08.1984 30.08.1984 Rose Lawn Grave B19
NAYLOR, ERNEST 12.02.1902 12.08.1996 15.08.1996 Rose Lawn Grave B19
NEIGHBOUR, BRYAN RAYMOND 23.03.1948 02.07.2013 11.07.2013 Callistemon Lawn Grave C48
NEIGHBOUR, SHAYNE ELIZABETH 05.02.1949 30.06.2012 13.06.2012 Callistemon Lawn Grave C49
NEMENYI, LES NANDOR 27.03.1936 06.08.2021 10.08.2021 Callistemon Lawn Grave B37
NEWTON, COLIN WILLIAM 13.11.1936 07.11.1996 13.11.1996 Rose Lawn Grave E10
NEWTON, HENRY COLIN 14.07.1917 15.03.1991 19.03.1991 Rose Lawn Grave E11
NEWTON, MARY MAVIS 18.07.1917 25.10.2003 31.10.2003 Rose Lawn Grave E11
NEWTON, MINNIE FLORENCE 08.05.1911 02.03.2009 11.03.2009 Oak Lawn Grave K6
NEWTON, WILLIAM CLYDE (Clive) 31.01.1913 25.01.2009 29.01.2009 Oak Lawn Grave K6
NIALL, KERRY IRENE 25.02.1966 15.05.1998 12.10.2019 Memorial Garden 2 Sect. F  Row D7
NICHOLSON, JAMES HUGH 04.04.1923 04.05.1994 07.05.1994 Rose Lawn Grave D14