Inverloch Lawn Cemetery

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Names commencing with V

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Full Name

Date of Birth Date of Death Date of Burials

Interment Area

Grave No. 
VAGNORIOUS, ANTANAS  (Tony ) 07.06.1921 14.11.2004 10.11.2004 Oak Lawn Grave K9
VAGNORIOUS, DOROTHY LILLIAN 06.01.1922 01.07.1987   Oak Lawn Grave K9
VAN, LORETTE 30.10.1924 24.04.2010 30.04.2010 Oak Lawn Grave H9
VAN DEN BOSCH, VICKY 29.02.1924 30.12.2010 04.01.2011 Rose Lawn Grave D13
VAN DEN BOSCH, SIEBREN 06.01.1919 26.11.1987 01.12.1987 Rose Lawn Grave D13
VAN ORSOUW, JACQUELINE 17.03.1944 04.02.2021 12.02.2021 Callistemon Lawn Grave C22
VAN RAYMOND, CLIFFORD 02.02.1919 21.03.2004 25.03.2004 Oak Lawn Grave H9
VANDEPAVERT, JOHANNES ALBERTUS 30.01.1928 28.11.2000 01.12.2000 Oak Lawn Grave I9
VAUGHAN, DENIS   04.10.1990 30.10.1990 Memorial Garden 1  
VAUGHAN, REGINA   12.11.1961 20.10.1990 Memorial Garden 1  
VERTIGAN, ROBERT 22.09.1943 01.02.2020   Niche 1 H1
VINCENT, JACK ANTHONY  (Tony ) 20.08.1934 25.08.2001 30.08.2001 Oak Lawn Grave I20